मेरे ब्लॉग के किसी भी लेख को कहीं भी इस्तमाल करने से पहले मुझ से पूछना जरुरी हैं

मेरे ब्लॉग के किसी भी लेख को कहीं भी इस्तमाल करने से पहले मुझ से पूछना जरुरी हैं

October 11, 2016

Facebook Thoughts

Its really ridiculous to keep circulating posts about Raven being a good brother and why his effigy is being burnt year after year . Ram did not kill Ravan because he kidnapped Sita . There is much more to all this. Kidnapping of Sita was the last straw ,Ravan had been using his power to destroy all goodness and every one wanted respite from him . If mythological stories are to be believed then Ram was born to destroy Ravan . Raven is the symbol of all that is bad . And all brothers are good and it does not matter if you are good for your sister and to your sister It matters if you are good to other people around you other woman around you who are not related to you. When we burn Ravan we try to burn the bad the destroyer . Saying Ravan did not touch sita is like justifying that there was no sex only molestation . Ram was never right in sending Sita away and people should read what all Sita says to him in Valmiki Ramayana. Tulsi Ramayana is a book where a devotee has documented Ram as God . Valmiki Ramayana was written treating Ram and Sita as humans mortals . Ravan was a learned person but never practised what he learnt. The hunger in him to be all powerful led to his destruction and he was happy that Vishnu was reincarnated as Ram to give him death . Burn Ravan or not burn Ravan is a matter of choice but to criticism of Dharm related things is not justified .
I don't think I watch the effigy of Raven being burnt year after year believing that I am burning my bad points my evils with it. I have always felt that if any one does bad deeds evil deeds like ravan did then not just once he will die but he will be die year after year for centuries to come.

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